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My summer trip to Tulum was something amazing. My daughter and I spend some time there exploring the cenotes, the culture, the food, and of course the beach. It is unlike any other Mexican experience that I have had. The food was not exactly what I had from previous Mexican towns, it’s was even better. The town itself was very authentic, but the beach road was full of foods from all over the world. Everything from Brazilian to Italian. Tulum has it all. Because my experience was so good, I wanted to take another trip back in October, and wanted to invite my friends to come along. Here is what the trip has in store if you would like to come along.

The Plan:

Fly into Cancun Mexico and take a shuttle together to the villa. If someone wants to rent a car they can, but it is not needed in Tulum. There are plenty of taxis for cheap prices, and lots of bicycles. The bicycles are part of the experience. Scooters and rickshaws are also available for rent for very cheap prices.  I suggest exchanging American money into peso. Most place will accept American money but at around a 13 to 1 exchange rate. The current rate is 20 to 1. You can do this at the airport or at a local bank before you leave. Your money will go a long ways if you do this. That being said, everything is still pretty cheap with the dollar. The shuttle with cost around $100 and will seat 10 to 12 people. Sharing will make it pretty cheap for all.   It is about an hour and 30 minute ride to Tulum. It goes by really fast because there is plenty to see along the way.

We will arrive at the villa and I will provide a welcome party. Drinks and food and a small welcome gift.

This is called Central Park Tulum. Depending on how many people decide to go will determine if we stay here or a larger house. Either one is Centrally located and lots of luxury. The cost will run about $60 per night per room. Split the room up with a friend or by yourself, it’s still $60 per room. This will cover the exact cost of the villa. If we are able to get a cheaper rate, then the rate will be shared with everyone.

Since this is not an all inclusive trip, I have enough local experience to get us around quickly for a few days.

There is a really good “healthy” restaurant on site to get the day going quickly. There is also a grocery store close by if anyone would like to cook breakfast or grab some snacks. I prefer to eat the local foods. It’s cheap and it is vacation.

So basically we have 3 full days to enjoy Tulum. If we get to the Villa the first day at a decent hour, then I would suggest checking out the town. Its really fun, and authentic Mexico. There are plenty of shops and foods to pick from.



Day 2 

Cenotes and Ruins!

The cenotes was probably my favorite part of my Tulum visit. It was a Bucket List item for sure. I didn’t get to go to Coba Ruins. I went to a few others, but this is the last one that you can actually still go to the top.  Cost to enter these place is between $3 and $10  American.  Pretty cheap to see and experience something like this. Here is a link that helps show you the experience. Remember there are a lot more cenotes along the way. Each one is different and unique.  We can always stop and see more!

It doesn’t take all day to see the cenotes and ruins. I think heading to the beach would be perfect for dinner.

Posada Margherita is probably the best Italian food I have ever experienced. It is located right on the beach.  It truly worth all the hype.

Casa Banana is a Brazilian steakhouse that cooks over the open fire. Totally unexpected and mouth watering.

Casa Jaguar is another restaurant that looks really good. I have not tried this one yet, but it is on my list.

Click the links to see more about each place. There are tons of art galleries and clothing shops that are different than in the town of Tulum. A real Bohemian feel to it. There are lots of local bars and beach clubs to check out. I am sure we can find some more to see and do after dinner, even if it is just walking on the beach.


Day 3

Casa Malca

I am probably the most excite to experience this place. Casa Malca is Pablo Escobar’s old mansion converted into a hotel and beach club.

Click on the name to see more about this place. It’s spectacular.

There is a$50 minimum per person to go here. If we get here at lunch and spend the day, I am pretty sure we can hit that mark, especially if we stay for dinner. It is perfectly located on the best part of the beach, and we can live like a drug lord for the day! Or whatever !

Day 4

Day at the beach/ Whale sharks / Whatever

The one thing on my bucket list is to swim with the whale sharks. They migrate in and out of this area, so it all depends on how far away they are.

If the Whales are too far away, there is always snorkel or fishing trip. Ziggy Beach club is really cheap and great place to hang out. The Tulum Ruins are also located at the beach.  Hopefully the whale sharks will be close enough.

Day 5

Check out time is at 11:00. So everyone can just plan accordingly.  I may stay one day in Cancun or Playa del Carmen

I am truly excited to start the Bucketlister adventures with you guys. I plan on doing trips like this until my Bucket List is done….. which will probably be forever.

If you want to see my list, then here you go! If you want to add something to it let me know. I would love to have you as a guest.

If you want to join this trip, then let me know. It will be final before the end of September. Plenty of room, we just rent a second place. The more the merrier.


Until the Next Episode,








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